Taylor Made Gluten Free Bakery

Several years ago a young girl spent countless hours in and out of doctor's offices searching for an explanation for what seemed like a never ending battle with illness. The chronic migraines, digestive "distress," bone pain and fatigue transformed the once bright and bubbly child into a chronically ill child who languished on the couch rather than enjoying her previous sports and activities. One day the little girl's mother was home with the exact same symptoms when she read a magazine article about Gluten Intolerance and Celiac Disease. It was a pure Aha moment! She knew this was exactly what was causing all of their problems.

From that day on, Denise Fries has dedicated her spare time to increasing awareness about gluten intolerance, and also to creating delicious foods for her family and loved ones to enjoy. Today, with the inspiration from her daughter Taylor, and all the families she met in the support group she founded, Taylor Made Gluten Free Bakery can share the wonderful recipes they have developed with anyone seeking Healthy Happiness.

Taylor Made Gluten Free Bakery is a wholesale bakery that is on a mission to create delicious baked goods using only the highest quality ingredients to help you eat what you love and love how you feel. We are dedicated to nourishing both the mind and the body by raising awareness about gluten-intolerance and offering you decadent, gluten free baked goods.
At our seminar we will be playing fun games, handing out free samples and giving a ton of information on gluten intolerance/ Celiac Disease including:
signs and symptoms of gluten intolerance/ Celiac Disease
how to treat gluten intolerance/ Celiac Disease
how to maintain a gluten free kitchen
places around town who carry gluten free products
how to help your favorite local restaurant carry gluten free products.